10 Ways to Simplify Camp Cooking

Camping can be the most exciting and relaxing thing you do, but when it comes to cooking, most campers are downright intimidated. There are none of the modern day necessities that you have in the home, so how do you do it? It must be hard to imagine what they ate back when every day was a campout. Here are some ways that you can simplify your cooking outdoors so you don’t starve.

Plan out meals

That is right, you aren’t going to have a refrigerator so there isn’t going to be a huge inventory to choose from. That means that you need to plan things effectively so you have a full meal to fill a hungry camping belly. Also when you plan things out well, you can decrease the overall weight of your inventory. This is especially important for backpackers who are hiking miles on end. It may mean that you have egg burritos for breakfast and dinner but you will thank yourself for taking the time to figure out what was practical.

Try Dry

You may be tempted to go and get canned food that you can open up and just start spooning out. While this may seem like a good idea, it is only going to add weight to your pack and if it freezes overnight…good luck! It’s time to think dry! Dry onions, dry fruits, dry garlic, dry vegetables, rice, and oatmeal make your packs ten times as light and only require water!

Simple Equipment

What do you really need? You may see your friends bringing pots pans and camp stoves, but what is really necessary to have a good meal? Well if you are just cooking your dry goods, then you just need to boil your water over a camp stove. You can even do it with a pot over the camp fire. There are plenty of ready to eat meals that only require boiling water for 5 minutes and then you will have the gourmet meal of the campsite. Don’t be fooled by the campers who bring their whole kitchen with them to make something “special”. Their meals are much more likely to run into problems. All you need is your pot and maybe a camping lantern if you start cooking late.

Choose what you like

When you are camping, it is not the best time to go off and try a bunch of new things. When you are hungry you just want the simple things that make your life good. If you don’t like oatmeal, then don’t get it. If your stomach gets upset when you eat eggs, then leave them. You don’t want to be aching and throwing up when you are camping. If you like macaroni and cheese, bring it!

Overall camp cooking is as simple as you make it. Plan it out and think about the things that are going to lighten the load and what is going to simplify the process. Lastly make sure you get what you want to eat because that can make camping all worth it in the end!