Cold weather camping

Summary: Cold weather or not, camping is definitely an amazing outdoor experience. Here are some handy key points to remember for a stress-free, easier camping galore even in the dead of winter.

Camping trips are definitely fun no matter what season of the year. Whether you love waking up to the fresh, fragrant blooms of early spring in the wilderness, or bask in the warmth of the late-afternoon sun of midsummer, a great camping trip is all you need. But today’s cold snap daytime temperatures (which practically turned the majestic Niagara Falls into a winter wonderland no thanks to the polar vortex) are simply a big no-no even for professional mountain trekkers. Should you be alarmed? Well, the freezing city streets are the least of your problems because according to meteorology experts, camping is still possible if you go up on camp sites far from the East Coast. If you don’t mind nippy mornings and cold, wind-on-your-face days and you love cozy nights outdoors, then lose no time and start setting up camp today. But before you pack up for the long haul, here are simple tips that every adventurer needs to keep in mind for a blissful and easier camping experience even if it’s cold outside.

First of all, you have to stock up on warm but not exactly heavy woolen clothing. If you’re going out camping in cold weather, it’s all about packing up the right clothes. Bundle up for warmth with thick ski jackets, long undergarments, woolen mittens, hats, socks, turtleneck tops, windbreakers, sweaters, parkas, and extra clothes. Easier camping in the cold means layering up and not losing body heat. How else are you going to savor the experience if you’re constantly chattering with your teeth?

Next up is to plan out your shelter or camp location. The rule of thumb for camping in cold weather is that you need to choose a location that’s not very windy or super cold. Determine the direction of the wind and if you have your own car, just block it for less impact. As for your bedding amenities, make sure you layer up enough padding especially if you’re sleeping on the ground. Nobody wants to deal with hypothermia on a supposedly awesome camping trip.

Before you tuck in for the night, make sure that you wrap yourself up in thick layers of clothes so you won’t lose body heat. Wear a woolen nightcap because an exposed head hastens heat loss. Bear in mind that you don’t really need to bundle up until you sweat since perspiration will only make you feel colder.

Lastly, don’t forget about warmth. You can build a fire so that everybody can huddle around and feel a little toasty as the night wears on. It’s also a good idea to bring along hot water and fill them with hot water to warm up your sleeping bags. Hot cocoa or tea is all-time favorite beverages when it comes to camp nights. Pass around thermoses and share whatever hot beverage that you have available, along with roasted marshmallows, and tall tales. Just make sure to go to the bathroom before bedtime because it’s not a good idea to get up in the middle of the frigid night to take the loo. Enjoy your camping trip!

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